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18th Birthday Wishes for Eighteen Year Old

18th Birthday Wishes: An eighteenth birthday is a significant event in a young persons’ life. In many countries and societies the day, you turn eighteen signifies the journey from youth to adulthood. This day is considered a rite of passage for many and should be celebrated as such. We consider 18th birthday is one of the most memorable among other birthday and said to be the starting point of achieving career and goals. Send these Awesome Ideas Bday text Sayings to your friend, relatives and Son, Daughter, Mom, Dad, Loved Once via the various social networks.

On the other hand, there are also numerous forms of birthday wishes and greetings for an 18th birthday celebrant; it can be inspirational or motivational , religious, sweet, funny, romantic, cute, lovely or maybe combination of those forms, it’s up to you.

Birthday Wishes for Eighteen Year Old 

Happy 18th Birthday! Welcome to the world of adults. It’s a crazy world, full of sinners and saints. You’ll fit right in.


18th Birthday Messages-for Son Daughter

We are no more like kids who don’t care about the world. We now define our own worlds and live the best out of it. This is the real world. Welcome to maturity. Happy 18th Birthday!!


18th Birthday Messages

18th Happy Birthday.. Cheer’s to another year of blessings! Hurray to another year of victories. Happy 18th Birthday! May you enjoy your new chapter in life. With wisdom and strength from god above.


18th Birthday Quotes

Turning 19 will transition you into a crazy world filled with many surprises and obstacles. Enjoy adulthood and remember your parents will always be there for you.


18th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Happy 18th Birthday to a wonderful, Beautiful and smart friend. You will surely do great in this crazy world of adults!


18th Birthday Wishes for Lover

This is one of the last years of your life when you can tell your teacher that your dog ate the homework. Happy 18th Birthday!


18th Birthday Wishes for Son

A young girl becomes a woman on her 18th birthday. Welcome to womanhood and all the exciting thins that come with it.


18th Birthday Wishes Greetings

You’re slowly crawling out of your teenage years. Don’t let this opportunity to make the most out of your teen years go to waste. You are a person full of potential so maximize it while you can. Happy 18th Birthday!


18th Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday All these best to you on your 18th birthday! Make this a special and gloriously Happy Birthday!


birthday Wishes for 18 Year Old Daughter

Laugh as hard as you can smile more often share your joys spread happiness by the ton be wises but be carefree Don’t let small issues make you fret you are 18 only once Don’t let it be a regret… Happy 18th Birthday!!


birthday Wishes for 18 year Old Son

Thank You for being the sweetest friend I know! you are truly awesome. Welcome to adulthood. Happy 18th Birthday to You.


Birthday Wishes for Eighteen Years Old

Happy 18th Birthday to a Wonderful friend I know. Thanks for being my best friend. You truly are a Gold’s Gift to me.

Happy 18th Birthday

Happy 18th Birthday

Happy 18th Birthday Quotes & Messages

  • May every single day of yours be a celebration like what we have today! Happy 18th birthday!
  • Turning 18 is certainly a great reason to have a party. But remember to do it moderately. Do not act crazy for it might just spoil your birthday. Happy Birthday!
  • I know you have always wanted to be eighteen. Now that it’s finally here, enjoy your day and the future years ahead. Happy Birthday!
  • Now that you are 18, I want you to know that an amazing life is coming your way. You are now about to journey in a great adventure of adulthood. Good luck and happy birthday!
  • Wishing you all the luck and the prosperity on your 18th birthday. I also wish you all the good health and happiness. Happy Birthday!
  • Make the most of your eighteenth while you can. Life is going to fly past and in no time you’ll be an old man. Happy 18th birthday.
  • All you need to remember as you turn is that you are beautiful and your happiness is too precious to be wasted on things and people who don’t matter. Happy birthday.
  • Cherish your friendships, never break someone’s heart. Remember your parents, who have supported you from the start. Happy 18th birthday son.
  • Selena Gomez, Harry Styles, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber were making their millions by the time they turned eighteen. You have a lot to catch up to. Now stop partying and start working. Happy 18th birthday.
  • You are not going to become a cool friend, stylish and handsome dude on your eighteenth birthday. That is because you have always been a cool friend, stylish dude and handsome young boy since your teens. Happy birthday.
  • If your status on Facebook is ‘confused’ and your relationship status is ‘It’s complicated’, you are rightly celebrating your eighteenth birthday. Happy birthday.
  • On your eighteenth birthday I hope that you get into the college that you want and you finally meet your prince charming. Happy 18th birthday to my bff.
  • Do you know what rent, phone bills, grocery bills and electricity bills have in common? You will have to start paying all of them now. Happy 18th birthday.
  • Happy birthday! You are truly special and that’s why I love you. May your 18th birthday be filled with so much joy and happiness that you deserve!
  • Turning 18 may be a big concern for you but I just want you to know how special you are to me no matter how old you will become. Happy 18th birthday to you!
  • My dear daughter, you are officially an adult now. But remember that you will always be our little girl, no matter what.
  • At 18, it is okay to think more about yourself and not of others. You are an old soul now so be prepared to face the world of adulthood. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy 18th! Welcome to the wonderful world of adults. It is a crazy world, yet, it’s filled with so much happiness that you sure will look forward to!
  • Happy 18th to you! You are now an adult and you can finally do things legally. These are the things that you were prohibited to do when you’re still a kid.
  • Happy birthday to the most beautiful 18 year old I have known. You have been a great kind and I know you will become that perfect adult I have envisioned.
  • I know you have been itching to become an adult and I am really happy to be here with you on your eighteenth birthday.
  • I wish that your 18th birthday will be filled with so much fun that it will become an annual event. So let’s act like we are 18 for the rest of our lives. Happy birthday!
  • We think that you are so special. You really mean so much to us so here’s wishing you all the love and a very happy 18th birthday to you!
  • Here’s wishing you all the love and best wishes on your adulthood! I hope that your birthday will be very special. Happy 18th birthday!
  • You may have turned eighteen but always remember that your parents will never stop nagging and telling you what to do – simply because we love you. Happy 18th birthday to our darling daughter.
  • Happy birthday to the Prettiest, Sweetest and Cutest 18 year old that I have ever met.
  • Congratulations for turning eighteen. You can now officially demand the right to vote but you are officially banned from demanding an allowance. Happy birthday.
  • You may have officially become an adult, but in our eyes you are still our darling daughter who wants to sit on daddy’s shoulder and cry on mommy’s lap. Happy 18th birthday.
  • At eighteen, you are young enough to enjoy your mistakes and old enough to not make them again. Happy birthday.
  • At 18, you might not feel like you are an adult yet but you should start acting like one. Not because you have to grow up, but because your parents now have the legal right to through you off your house! Just kidding!

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