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Birthday Wishes for Colleague: Quotes and Messages

Happy Birthday Wishes for Colleague: Its for great to sending a birthday wishes to someone on his birthday to get smile his/ her face. Birthdays are never complete without any birthday card from a relative or friend. Wish your best friend a Happy Birthday on this special day of his/her life. Happy birthday wishes may include wishing them that they may continue to embrace life and keep on dreaming. A person’s birthday is the most important day in anyone’s life. If your relationship has bloomed into a strong friendship, go the extra mile with cute posts on Facebook. Send a barrage of funny texts and share heaps of stuff on Pinterest to show that you really care.

Birthday Wishes for Colleague From Team

You’ve been a wonderful source of joy. I wish this birthday brings you the sweetest moments of you life.

Bday Wishes for Colleague

Less like a colleague, more like a friend never annoying, always helpful in every way you are the reason why we love, coming to work every day. Happy Birthday.

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Great colleagues are those who make work seem like play ..

Birthday Card Wishes for Colleague

The secret to a happy work-space is having awesome colleagues like you. Happy Birthday.

Birthday Greeting Wishes for Colleague

May your life be like good wine tasty, sharp & clear and like good wine may I Timprove with every passing year.

Birthday Wishes for Colleague from Team

Today you are you . that is Truer then true. There is No One alive who is Your then you! ~ Dr. Sesus.

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Thanks for being not just a great colleague but a better friend..

Birthday Wishes for Colleague Thank You Quote

A birthday is just the begging of the another journey with the spacecraft called earth.. Enjoy the trip Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Colleague

Charlie Brown & Snoopy are wishing you a Happy Birthday ( No matter how old you are 🙂 )

Funny Birthday Wishes for Colleague

You bring out the best in us! we’re so lucky to have a Boss as wonderful as you! Here’s wishing you a day That’s as special as you are! Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Colleague

Top Birthday Wishes for Office Friend

“You’re an excellent companion to work with and I wish you an extra special day. Happy birthday to a great coworker. Here’s to having the best birthday!”

In the corporate world where competition is cut-throat, helpful and supportive colleagues like you are more important than college degrees. Happy birthday to my man Friday.

Supporter, critic, motivator, teacher, friend and mentor – Happy birthday to a colleague who is literally all-in-one.

People list awards, projects, training programs and achievements in their job experience but often forget that all of it would have been impossible without the help of selfless colleagues like you. Happy birthday.

“Even though we sometimes forget, a birthday is a great time to slow down and think about all of the great people in our lives. You’re a great person in mine and I want you to have a great birthday!”

“Happy birthday to an awesome person! I love working with you and know that you deserve the most on your birthday.”

My wife thinks that there is something fishy when she sees me eager to go to work on a Monday morning. But she does not know that I have a great buddy for a colleague. Happy birthday.

I don’t like overtime just because I get paid more. I love overtime because I get to spend more time with awesome colleagues like you. Happy birthday.

Some colleagues make decisions, some colleagues find faults, some colleagues gossip and some colleagues tell others what to do. You are different because all you do is focusing on getting the job done. Happy birthday.

Don’t forget to enjoy your birthday as much as you did when you were 5 years old. I’m wishing you a happy birthday that is filled with all the joy you could dream of!”

Don’t let bad times get you down, celebrating your birthday is one of the most important things you can do to keep yourself young!”

Happy birthday to a person that keeps my life so interesting. I’m so glad I know you and that I have the opportunity to spend time with you.”

If we didn’t have a colleague like you on the team, completing projects would have been a wishful dream. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to the colleague who removes the blues out of Monday morning and adds vibrant hues to Friday night drinks. Have a good one.

Never do I have a dull day in the office, having a chirpy colleague like you around is a bliss. With a smile brighter than the clear blue skies, colleagues like you in short supply. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to a one of a kind person that is always a an enjoyable coworker. Wishing you an awesome day and a perfect rest of your year!

Here’s to wishing you a very happy birthday! I hope that you have a great time and get everything that you’ve dreamed for. Happy birthday to you!

We just wanted to let you know that we planned a birthday party for you today at lunchtime. You don’t mind answering the phones while we’re out, right?

Happy Birthday to someone who I consider to be an excellent professional and a great friend. You deserve all the happiness there is. Have a great day”!

I’m really lucky to have you here working with me. This company make suck the life out of us, but you put it back in! Happy Birthday!

Your birthday is not a day to recognize you for your achievements, although there have been many; it’s a day to simply appreciate you as a person. Our workplace is better with you in it. Have a great day. You deserve it!”

Having you as a coworker is like a breath of fresh air in this stuffy office. You certainly are appreciated around here. We hope you know it. Have a great birthday!

Your birthday is the day that you get to be boss, so how about you give us the day off and we go party with you?

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