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Birthday Wishes For Cousin Sister: Quotes and Messages

Birthday Wishes For Cousin Sister: Today is a wonderful day to express my love and gratitude towards you. Being your cousin has been one of the best experiences of my life. You are more like a sister and I appreciate all that you do. Wishing you a wonderful birthday!Cousins often replace the brothers, because is with them who we share with our childhood and we consider them very special.

Many more wishes, Many more smiles wish you reach that extra mile, To all the great memories we share in life Here is wishing you a great birthday my sweetest cousin, Happy Nice Day!

Bday Wishes For Cousin Sis

Happy Birthday The lord bless you and keep you; The lord make his face shine upon you, and be gracious to you; The lord lift up his countenance upon you; And give you peace.

Birthday Wishes For Cousin Sister with cake

No matter how far we go in life. Our childhoods will always bring us together…

Birthday Wishes For Cousin Sister

My lovely cousin. Because it’s your birthday today. I wish you three things. Good Luck, Happiness and lots of wealth. Stay as you are. Wish you a super duper birthday!

Cute Birthday Messages for Cousin Sister

Beauty is ephemeral, it fades with time but you, my cousin, grow more beautiful as time flies. To the most wonderful person of the world. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Cousin Sister

We have always had fun, We always shared great times, I am so very glad, That you are a cousin of mine. Happy Birthday To You!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Cousin Sister

Best Birthday Wishes Quotes for My Lovely Cousin

Only a few people receive portrait wishes from my side and you have always been on the top of this list, what a sweet sentiment. Real friends are rare. Glad we are the real deal. Wishing you a happy birthday and many more!

It’s not the Way how you look or who you are, it’s The Way how you Smile. Happy Birthday my sweetest sister cousin!

You are like my real sister minus all the fighting. Happy birthday.

My parents must have never thought of having another child because they knew I would always find an awesome sister in you. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday my baby cousin, you are growing so fast! Slow down just a little please babe, hope mummy and daddy spoil you like crazy and your brothers do everything that you ask! We love you so much.

Happy birthday beautiful girl! Wow you are so big now. Hope your day has been wonderful. We can’t wait to see you all again. Loves from your cousin sister!

These are 7 different kinds of cakes which you enjoyed a lot. Likewise these sweet memories may live long and make you more bondage with us. Happy Birthday my dear sweetest cousin!

No one can relegate you by calling you my cousin. You’re more to me than my real sister. Happy birthday.

We are sisters – not first, second or third cousins. Happy birthday.

There is no such word like cousin in my dictionary – it’s either sister or best friend. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday! Nothing says you’re old like using the phrase “years young” lol. Enjoy Florida my favorite golden girl!

Honey! I am staggering up the stairs with this cake could you please open that ‘internet’ door? Happy birthday in any dimension!

A person who tells me not to get drunk, yet helps me get drunk, brings me home when I’m drunk and doesn’t tell anyone that you were drunk – my sis. Happy birthday.

I am glad you are not my real sister. Otherwise my parents would have been more proud of you than me because you are so intelligent and beautiful. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday to my cousin’s sis! You are sweet and kind and deserve a kiss! Have a great day and know how much

Sending birthday vibes and love to you! You’re a year older, but what can you do? This is your year, dear cousin sis! So embrace all that is there for you when you make your wish!

You may be my cousin, but I don’t think of you that way! To call you my sister, I don’t have to be swayed! So I’m sending you the happiest birthday wishes from afar! I miss you and love you, and that’s something no one can mar!

I’ve always wanted an amazing best friend and a beautiful sister – I got both in the form of my cousin. Happy birthday.

It’s a really special day! Did you know? I remembered your birthday this year, and I miss you so! You are my dear cousin, but you’re also my best buddy! You are my sister, my gal pal, my friend who keeps days sunny! I can’t imagine a world without you in it on this exciting day. And I’m writing you to wish you the happiest birthday in every way!

Happy Birthday to you my cousin of heart! Our friendship is beyond one of the best blessing in my life, I thank God every day for putting someone like you in my life. I can’t forget from crying on each other shoulders at the weakest points in our lives to sharing the most memorable times. I couldn’t be more PROUD of the woman you’ve become. I hope you have an amazing day and no one sells you short of the happiness today should bring. I love you.

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