Happy Birthday Cat Birthday Wishes for Pet

By | November 30, 2016

If you are a cat lover, you will agree that cats are not only the best pets to keep around, but they are also the cutest and most adorable creatures man has ever had. Looking for a best birthday wishes ideas for your cute cat, then you land a perfect place. Here we have gathere awesome bday quotes for pet, cat, dog. The birthday Wishes will bring the most pleasure to you and your lovely cute kitty. Share the love on the Facebook, Twitter, and tag our facebook page – Happy Birthday Friends. Share your love by subscribing and commenting below. Your motivation will help us to give the best out of us. Your kitty might not say it out aloud but even alley cat, have a way of sensing the love you have for them in your heart. Thus its truly said Sometimes you claw me, sometimes you purr in my lap.

Birthday Wishes for Cat

Happy Birthday kitty, you are my super cat and I love you to the moon and back. Live more years for I love to spend time with you.


Birthday Funny Wishes with Cat Images

Yeah, Year, … Happy Birthday!!


Happy Birthday Cat

Even thought you tear my cushions and rip apart my books I have no choice but to love you because of you uber cute looks… Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Cat

My gangster cat gets to enjoy another year with me; I hope we last forever, for you are the companion I cannot live without. I love you kitty, have a great birthday!


Funny Birthday Wishes for Cat Bday

Your cute eyes, curious expressions, and pleasing purring voice enthrall me and other members of my family as they are not the pet lovers, but they do love you a lot. Wishing a wonderful birthday at our home.


Cat Birthday Wishes Images Pat

You are the cutest creature I have ever met, you make me happy by just looking at your playful nature. May this birthday bring more for you. Happy Birthday kitty.


Birthday Wishes Images of Black Cat

There is this genuine comfort I feel when you lay down on my lap, you are such a divine creature and your kind should be thoroughly cared for. Happy Birthday my awesome pet.


Birthday Wishes for Cat With Cute Picture

You meows make me weak in the knees your purrs give my heart a tender squeeze the cute feline that you are make you my life’s star..


Birthday Wishes for Cat Images

Yeah, Okay… “Happy Birthday” Now get over here and pet me!


Birthday Sayings for Cat Images

Even thought you tear my cushions and rip apart my books – I have no choice but to love you because of your cute looks. Happy birthday kitty.


Birthday Images for Cat

Wishing You a Very Happy Birthday .. May you have a life full of love and joy, and blessed life.


Birthday Greetings Messages for Cat

More Happy Birthday Cat Wishes

  • My cute cat is growing older, I love that I get to share these moments with you, you are practically part of the family. I hope you enjoy your birthday.
  • Kitty, may you have a whole lot more years in my life, I can’t imagine life without you, and you are the best thing to ever happen to me.
  • Happy birthday kitty!!! I love you. May this birthday give you health, happiness and a whole lot of mice.
  • I am proud to have discovered the cure to anxiety and stress. It is you, my pretty kitty – I love you in excess. Happy birthday.
  • Staring at your cute little face, listening to your meows and rubbing you on your head puts me in a happy face called heaven. Happy birthday kitty.
  • You may be my pet cat, but sometimes to treat me as a door mat. But regardless of how arrogant you seem, your cuteness will forever make my heart gleam. Happy birthday.
  • Another year with you kitty, that is more than I could ever hope for, I am grateful for you and wish you many more years so that I could have you close. Selfish I know but you mean a lot to me kitty. Happy Birthday!Your mew is so pleasing to my hearing, its sound triggers a sense of joy that flows from within me. I hope we’ll have many more good time together. Happy Birthday my pet.
  • There is not a single person in the whole world who can make me break into a smile even in the middle of tears, except you. Happy birthday to my cute cat.
  • I put cat flaps on all the doors of my house when I got you, so that you could easily enter all the rooms. Little did I know that you would easily enter the hearts of everyone in the family. Happy birthday.
  • You are the best gift of my life I have ever received, you make me laugh, brighten my life, get snuggled with me and love me unconditionally. You are sweet pet cat. I wish you a very Happy Birthday.
  • You are my cute, adorable, smart and intelligent pet cat. I love your adventures and cuddling. I really enjoy with you and feel happy. Have a wonderful birthday, my kitty.
  • Your cute face and beautiful appearance always attract me towards you and your friendly behavior make you socialize everywhere. My love for you will always be nurtured. Happy Birthday.
  • Do you know what makes me feel safe at the morning? It’s your meow! Happy Bday my cute cat.Kitty, you are the naughtiest, laziest but still the most adorable pet I have ever had. You make me smile by just looking at you. Have a Happy Birthday kitty, to many more years together.
  • I always come home to your purrs and the cute way you rub against my leg, you make coming home feel amazing for I have someone to come home to. You are my most prized possession and I love you kitty. Happy Birthday!!
  • Happy Birthday my cat, may you have many more years with me so I can pet you, feed you and love you. I celebrate you kitty.
  • All the dog owners in the neighborhood are jealous of me because I have a cat as cute as you. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday your highness. What would you like me to get for you today? Please meow whenever you need me in any way.
  • Happy Birthday cute cat, all of your tricks are amazing to witness, the way you jump up in excitement when I come back from work makes me happy. Happy Birthday cute cat.
  • Your cuddle delights me most of the time. I really love you so much. Happy Birthday kitty katty.
  • You have taken over my armchair, sofa, bookshelf, comforter, laptop and the most important of all – my heart. Happy birthday to my cuddly cat.
  • The only reason I couldn’t buy you a birthday gift is because you have been sleeping on my damn purse the whole day. Happy birthday cat.
  • Whoever says that a woman’s mood swings are unpredictable, has obviously never had a pet cat. Your mood swings my dear kitty, are off the hook – but I still love you. Happy birthday.

A special day always has a great idea, one of the best way to treat that special soul is through a happy birthday cat video. Sometimes rather than a super cool video of your birthday cat it would be much entertaining to make a happy birthday cat gif. Or sing a lovely and pleasant birthday cat song.

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